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A mobile device (laptop, tablet, iPhone, etc.) that can connect to the internet
Access too Zoom (free to download)
Access to our mobile communication tool – HiMama (link will be provided by MFMS Online Co-ordinator after enrolment)
Family member (if required) to help support your child online (i.e. parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, niece, nephew etc.)
Printer with coloured ink (optional)
Printable resources and a list of materials that are needed for the upcoming week’s scheduled activities will be provided by MFMS (Materials will generally consist of commonly found household items)

Montessori Curriculum The curriculum is individualized to each child’s needs, each child is valued as a unique individual. Montessori cultivates independence building on developing daily life skills and encouraging hands-on learning.
Specialty Programs We have integrated specialty programs into our core program hours. These programs work hand in hand with what we feel strongly develops the whole child.
Food & Nutrition MFMS Online provides suggested meal plans that are healthy, delicious, and follow the Canada Food Guide recommendations for each age group through the HiMama App.
Security & Technology All parent communication will be done through the Hi Mama app or email. We will be utilizing Zoom’s in-meeting security capabilities ensuring that all virtual classrooms are secure, encrypted, locked, and password-protected. Families are screened for security compliance each day in our virtual office prior to joining our virtual sessions.

Fees are structured based on the program, you can find detailed breakdowns of fees for each program below: Fee Notes: Found in the terms and conditions in the registration form
Payment is due on the first of every month (via e-transfer, Pre-Authorized Debit, Visa, MasterCard) before attending scheduled classes
Changes or cancellations must be received in writing 30 days prior to the change
Once class is scheduled, there is no refunds or rescheduling
Schedule a free trial or meet and greet with our Teachers
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Confirmation from our MFMS Online Co-ordinator will be emailed to you shortly after enrolment
Placement into Virtual School can start immediately
Teacher notification will be given to you on the Friday before the week ahead for any materials you need for the upcoming program week (via HiMama)
Registration form is due at least one week prior to starting date
Payment is due on the first of every month

Yes, all virtual classrooms and private tutoring sessions take place through Zoom and are secure, encrypted, locked, and password-protected. All parent communication will be done through the Hi Mama app or email to provide weekly schedules/calendars, list of materials needed for the scheduled activities, parent correspondence. All of our instructors are subject to rigorous reference and police vulnerable sector checks.

We have policies in place to keep class safe:
Video must be turned on with appropriate name labelling
Any family member that is present must be accompanied by a MFMS enrolled child (if either of the above are not met, we remove the person from the meeting)
Families are screened for security compliance each day in our virtual office prior to joining our virtual sessions

95% of our enrolment will sit on their own after a few practice trials. This is why we offer a free two day trial for your child to practice taking part in our program. Once your child learns how to navigate Zoom, we have seen that most children sit on their own through the whole program, provided they have all the materials ready at the start of each class.
We understand that every child is different, and some are more active than others, therefore we ensure that our subjects transition every half hour to maintain your child’s interest. Our teachers are very well versed with teaching online and at maintaining conversations with your child and the other students in order to keep their attention. We also include on the spot gross motor activities and spontaneous show and shares during each class to help focus our students’ attention when needed. Lower elementary students may have longer subject periods, however the above noted principles still apply.

In our experience, most children over the age of three require very little assistance, provided the daily materials are ready for their use at the start of class. Gathering these materials should take no longer than 5 minutes/day.

No. We have a strict safety policy to not record our children, which aligns with our philosophy that we apply to our brick and mortar school. If we were to record, we would first get the expressed consent from all parents.

MFMS Online is accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Province of Ontario, Canada to provide a private school education for children K-8. Our Ontario Board School Identification Number (BSID) is 668664. Our brick and mortar school is a licensed childcare center in the province of Ontario. Our Virtual Toddler and Casa programs follow the same philosophy and curriculum as our brick and mortar school does. We recommend you check with your local school board authority as to whether our program will be recognized by them (we can help you with this).

We believe in small classroom sizes. All of our virtual classrooms have a maximum capacity of 12 students. In our experience, anything above this compromises the quality of education.

All of our Montessori teachers are MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) certified, with both extensive in-person and online teaching experience. Specialty classes are provided by industry experts.

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