MFMS Cares

MFMS Cares’ Mission

As an online school, and a fellow member in society, My First Montessori School Online has established a program, called MFMS Cares, which strives to aid those in need. It is important to teach the value of selfless service to children early on in order for them to become a positive contribution to the community. That is why our mission is to serve the community while educating our children the value of each contribution. Some of our initiatives include food and clothing drives for local charitable organizations, fundraisers of over $5000 partnered with Global Medic, hygiene kits made from our MFMS parents and children, and offering free education for refugee children (e.g. Ukrainian refugees etc.).

Providing Global Education

There are many children around the world who do not have access to a quality education. Through our MFMS Cares initiative, underserved children will be able to access a variety of virtual classes for free, allowing them to continue their education despite the circumstances they are in. We partner with various charitable organizations to achieve this goal. Contact us to learn more

Fundraisers & Other Donations

MFMS and its families have partnered with Global Medic to raise over $5000 worth of funds. These funds and donations went towards developing countries around the world.

Clothing and Food Drives

MFMS participates in several food and clothing drives to donate for local charitable organizations. Families of the MFMS community have come together to pitch in by donating clothing or canned food.

MFMS Cares for Ukraine

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