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Tutoring Schedule

Ms. Stephanie, MACTE

Casa Age Group
(34 months – 6 years old)

Monday – Sunday

9:00am – 6:00pm

30-minute or 60-minute sessions

Ms. Meera, MACTE

Casa Age Group
(34 months – 6 years old)

Monday – Friday

1:00pm – 4:00pm

30-minute or 60-minute sessions

Ms. Rashmi/Ms. Shaheen, MACTE

Elementary Age Group
(6 – 9 years old)

Monday – Friday

9:00am – 4:00pm

30-minute or 60-minute sessions

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“We have seen a clear improvement in Ayden’s skills, in a short period of time with 1:1 online tutoring. Lesson plans designed for the individual child is what makes this work. Michelle truly cares about the child’s academic success – highly recommend without any reservation.”
“The tutoring sessions have been very helpful for both parents and child. At least this way I know she is learning the Montessori way, and we are not confusing her by teaching her methods of old. Thank you for the support, It is much appreciated. It is not easy trying to convince a 4 year old to do homework.”

Online French Private Tutoring

The study of French is integrated into the core curriculum at My First Montessori School. The children benefit from our unique French program which primarily focuses on oral language and instilling correct habits for pronunciation. From a young age, children can more easily absorb information and excel in learning a new language, which enhances overall cognitive skills, helps strengthen critical thinking, and problem solving.

French lessons are presented naturally, humorously, imaginatively, and with limited English usage. Reinforcing the Montessori principles, vocabulary is introduced via concrete items, as well as stories, rhymes, mime, games, songs, art activities, and puzzles which are integral to the program.

The classroom provides a rich background for learning a new language. Group lessons consist of eight to twelve students, allowing for individual attention and oral interaction. The learning and application of French is achieved through various activities such as formal and informal conversation, interactive activities, and songs to stimulate usage of the language.

There are also opportunities for private French tutoring lessons. This allows for one-on-one attention and language development at the pace of the child versus in a group setting.

French Learning Objectives

Learn how to greet in French (Bonjour mes amis, comment ça va, ça va bien, ça va mal, ça va comme si, comme ça, etc.)
Learn and practice the alphabet
Counting 1-10

Days of the week
Weather (Quel temps fait-il, Il fait beau/soleil, Il pleut, Il neige, Il fait froid, etc.)
Primary colours (La pomme est rouge, La citrouille est orange, etc.)

Body parts (tête, épaules, genoux et pieds, etc.)
Introduction to reading in French
Activities to celebrate (L’automne, Halloween, Noel, etc.)

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